What Casement Windows Are - And Their Benefits

What Casement Windows Are – And Their Benefits

Casement windows are the windows that swing on hinges, like patio doors or french doors, that are made to let in light and to let out heat. Casement windows are a great choice for homes because they let the most light in while preserving energy and reducing your cooling costs.


They offer an alternative, laterally and longitudinally, to the sash windows that are more commonly used in residential property. 


Casement windows are especially common in the architecture of the United Kingdom, as they are an economical and attractive window type.


Such windows have a metal frame and a screen that extends outward from the frame. Typically, the screen is held in place by tension springs, which allow it to be opened and closed. They are commonly used to provide ventilation and light in older buildings and homes.


The Many Benefits Of Casement Windows

Casement windows are window units that have a crank that opens and closes. They are usually used in older buildings because they are more energy-efficient than other window types, but they can also be a good choice for new construction if you want to save money by keeping the window units closed. 


They are a type of window appropriate for garden windows, as they can be opened and closed partially or fully without the use of tools and can offer ventilation as well as views. 


This dual capability makes casement windows well suited for allowing cross ventilation while still shielding the occupant from the elements.


Because casement windows are designed to remain in place year-round (especially when opened), they are more energy-efficient than traditional windows. 


Also, because they are designed to remain in place, they are an excellent solution for areas without access to a regular place for windows or where traditional windows are difficult to install.


Where Can Casement Windows Be Installed?

Casement windows are especially useful in areas where snow and ice are nearly continuous, or in situations where there is access to only one side of the building. 


These types of windows can be particularly beneficial in areas with high winds and/or snowstorms because they allow for additional ventilation, even when they are closed.


They Conserve Energy 

Casement windows are a superior choice if you are looking to conserve both the environment and your energy and heating bills while giving you a beautiful, open view. Our casement windows are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty!


In general, casement windows provide more light than a window that does not have a glide mechanism. 


Often, casement windows require a trade-off in terms of energy efficiency. Larger windows tend to provide more light and provide for less glare, while smaller windows provide less light and may cause glare.


We Know Just What You Need

Casement windows are an upgrade to traditional windows. They are specifically designed to be stronger than traditional windows, but at the same time, remain energy efficient. 


They are also known for their exceptional durability. This strength and durability give casement windows the ability to withstand strong winds and earthquakes and resist damage from vandalism.


Our casement windows are made to last years and decades! We ensure a perfect installation and maintenance process that will keep your casement windows operating at their best. Our casement windows are designed to be energy efficient and durable.


We Install The Best Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the best upgrades you can make to your home. They provide a wide range of benefits including improved energy efficiency, comfort, and security. 


We have the experience and expertise to install casement windows in any home, from new construction to an extensive remodel. 


Our experts will work closely with you to design the best system for your home, and will work diligently to finish your project on time and within your budget.

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