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Best uPVC Windows for You

uPVC windows are a cost-effective and common window material because they are virtually maintenance-free, highly energy-efficient, and stable. There is no chance of rust, decay, or the need to repaint, unlike other window materials.

Kings Stag‘s uPVC windows are made in the United Kingdom and come in a variety of colours and finishes. Choose from A or A+ double-glazed uPVC windows, or upgrade to A++ triple-glazed uPVC windows if you live near a train line or airport.

If you want a new, low-maintenance window, uPVC is the way to go. Many of our window types are available in uPVC, including sliding sash windows, tilt & switch, casements, and bay windows.



Colours for uPVC Windows

Kings Stag’s uPVC windows are a standard option because they are durable and come in a variety of finishes. There’s the widespread smooth White Knight termination, as well as a variety of foiled woodgrain impression colours for some of our uPVC windows from Kings Stag.

Dual-coloured uPVC windows, with coloured uPVC window frames on the outside and white frames on the inside, are becoming increasingly popular. For a modern look, use Anthracite Grey on the outside and White Knight uPVC on the inside. In our Flush casements, we offer a Tudor split choice with a white sash and black frames and sills for a more traditional look.

Save Energy

Kings Stag’s uPVC double-glazed windows are built to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To minimize heat loss through your windows, two 4mm glass panes split a 16mm cavity. As a result, your house will be more energy-efficient, and you will be able to save money on your heating bills. With three panes of 4mm glass, our top-performing A++ graded triple-glazed uPVC windows are an excellent option for further reducing heat loss.

Reduce the amount of noise

The potential of uPVC double-glazed windows to help minimize noise emissions from the outside is a significant advantage. Our A-rated modern uPVC windows provide a sound reduction of 33 decibels. Our sound-reducing uPVC windows are the perfect choice if you live near a busy road or a flight route. Our secure and sound double-glazed casement windows help keep street noise where it belongs, with a noise reduction rating of 39db.


Intruder-Resistant Strength

Secured By Design certification is available on Kings Stag’s white uPVC double glazed casement windows. You’ll be entering the ranks of other window owners who profit from Kings Stag’s rigorously tested new uPVC windows that can withstand forced entry and defend against break-ins. As regular, uPVC double-glazed windows come with crucial locking security handles and shoot lock bolts. Our windows are glazed and beaded on the inside, so the glass cannot be removed from the outside.

Ask for a free, no-obligation quote for your new uPVC windows by scheduling a remote or in-home consultation with the Kings Stag team in your area. Our design expert will walk you through all of the choices and take measurements to ensure that everything fits perfectly.

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