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Best Stormproof Casement Windows Service

Storm-resistant In places where the weather is especially harsh, casement windows are often chosen. The benefits of opening the window outwards are twofold: increased insulation during heavy winds that force the protruding wings against the frame. The room around the window can be thoroughly exploited. They can also be enhanced with decorative bars to give them a more traditional appearance.


Stormproof Casement Windows for Your Home


Lipped casement windows (also known as storm proof windows in the past) have a design function in which the sash wraps around the frame’s front Casement to prevent any window-driven rain from directly touching the window’s sealing mechanism. It’s an outstanding commodity for remote areas that are prone to weather conditions.

We take pride in providing a warm, personal service and an outstanding product at the most affordable prices available. With every project we take on, we guarantee professional artistry and total satisfaction.


Get Your Stay More Trendy


Kings Stags Storm proof Casement Windows are solid and elegant, with excellent energy efficiency and security credentials, no matter what the weather throws at them.

We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes, from ultra-modern to traditional, all of which are handcrafted from superior natural wood. This range provides consistency, power, and a timeless design, with friction hinges, external beading, and decorative internal molding on both the sash and the frame.


Available In Many Designs


A stormproof Casement is a high-performance casement. Side-hung or top-hung windows are open, with the option of glazing bars for added elegance. With or without glazing bars, our superior style speaks for itself, showcasing a degree of quality and craftsmanship that is more than up to the task of withstanding the notorious weather.

Our stormproof timber windows incorporate various distinctive design elements, resulting in a fusion of conventional aesthetics and cutting-edge, high-performance technology. You can be assured that these windows can completely shield your home from inclement weather if it is exposed to moisture-resistant finishes.

Kings Stags stormproof casement windows provide homeowners with complete peace of mind by providing an authentic look that is immune to the elements. These wood windows have a beautiful traditional wooden appearance and will last for several years.

We may add astragal bars and leaded glass to mimic the look of traditional timber windows. We can match the leaded pattern to an existing design or provide classic options like the diamond style.

Stay Stormproof With Kings Stags


As an alternative to conventional window design, our stormproof casement windows add a layer of protection to your home against the elements of severe weather.

Outward opening casement storm windows are rebated with a robust casement portion that sits proud of the frame to withstand the harshest weather. This simple but effective feature adds natural function and shape to any casement window design while also providing the weather-tight security your home needs.


Crafty and Practical


Each stormproof window is individually handcrafted with traditional tooling methods by Kings Stags, who use long-established skills. Every storm window is designed and built to last using premium, sustainable hardwoods or Accoya timber for durability and strength. It is made to fit and assembled for your own home.

For the perfect high-performance finish, combine hand-cut single or energy-efficient double-glazed glass with various hinges, handles, and stays. Every storm window can also be spray finished to any RAL color to meet your architectural requirements for the ultimate in individuality.


Our Kings Stags Stormproof Casement windows, which are usually preferred and built for new build and renovation projects, can give any new home a hardy and durable finish – while retaining simple, elegant, and sophisticated good looks.

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