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Sash windows have been used in Britain since the 17th Century. Their pleasing proportions and aesthetic appearance add character and elegance to any building. We design and install high-quality sliding sash windows for new build, period, listed and historic buildings across the Dorset. Our sliding sash windows feature either the spiral balance or weights and pulleys system to match your property style and budget; as well as including all traditional ironmongery.

We believe that windows are a very important feature in any house and that they must be totally in keeping with the architectural style of the building to ensure that they enhance both the look and the value of your home. Our knowledge of over a decade of experience working with sliding sash windows gives us supreme confidence you will be satisfied with our outstanding workmanship and the materials that we use. Whatever problem you have with your sliding sash windows, or are looking to upgrade the look of your home, Kings Stag have the right solution to achieve beautiful sliding sash windows. Give us a call now!


We Know Sliding Sash Windows Inside Out


With over a decade of highly skilled experience, we know sliding sash windows inside out! Whether your windows are Edwardian, Regency, Georgian or Victorian we completely understand the mechanics and importance of aesthetics which means our traditional sliding sash windows can easily adhere to requirements for listed buildings and conservation areas, retaining that all-important character.

We can organize the following sliding sash window services in any style you want, whether you would rather keep it classical or you have other design ideas. We can also provide you with special glass including bowed, obscured and stained glass options. You can even take advantage of our own inspirational design suggestions too.


  • Vertical sliding sash windows
  • Horizontal sliding sash windows
  • Secondary glazing
  • Double glazing
  • Fixed sash windows
  • Sash window bays


Our Sliding Sash Windows Services


We are a Dorset based joinery company specializing in the upgrading, refurbishing and improvement of existing sliding sash windows for many years, our aim is to take your existing sliding sash windows and upgrade them from draughty single glazed windows to double glazed, draught proofed windows, affordably and mess free, other companies will tell you your sliding sash windows will need to be ripped out and totally replaced causing untold mess and disruption, we have completed a lot of jobs with simple sash replacement, fitted with the latest sealed unit double glazing at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

There are never any hidden costs or surprises from us, we offer free no obligation quotations, and we always stick rigidly to our quoted prices, our quotations come with a guarantee that the quoted price for your sliding sash windows, is the price you pay.

Give us a try, its free, and you won’t be disappointed. Call us now!

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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