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Sash windows are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a sleek, energy-efficient window. Kings Stag specializes in custom-made sash windows that can be installed in any structure. Adding bespoke, high-quality sash windows to your home will boost its value and help you achieve the famous period-style look. We can create bespoke sash windows exclusive to your home, whether you require single or double glazed windows.


  • Kings Stag Sash windows give your home the look of a period home, which can enhance your home’s value.
  • By installing our sash windows, you will be able to take advantage of modern technology, including:
  • Improved window protection.
  • Lower noise and emission levels.
  • Energy efficiency has increased.
  • Lower heating prices.


Quality Sash Windows At Kings Stag


Our eloquent made-to-measure sash windows come in various patterns and styles, making them ideal for traditional house designs and listed buildings where quality and detail are essential. These sliding sash windows are produced with ultra-modern technology combined with traditional craftsman skills developed over hundreds of years to deliver you the highest quality timber sash window on the market. Available in technically crafted softwoods, dark red hardwoods, or even solid European oak, these sliding sash windows are manufactured using ultra-modern technology blended with traditional craftsman skills developed over hundreds of years to deliver you the highest quality timber sash window on the market. Traditional cords and weights, box sash window type, or secret spiral balances may be used to make these windows. Ensures that the sliding sash opens and closes smoothly, with the counteracting weights taking up the glazed sash’s entire weight.

More Sustainable Wooden Windows


We may provide single glazed or slimline double glazed options for those more difficult areas. Local conservation and planning or Listed building status are required to ensure those traditional looks are preserved in the finest detail.

Kings Stag will provide you with protection and great insulation while retaining those classic stunning sash window looks, in what are the highest quality, factory finished sash windows available on the market, using our slimline sash design and high-performance glazing and sealing systems.

Good For Home Environment


The conventional sash window has been cited in the media as an ideal means of natural ventilation, allowing cool fresh air to be drawn below the lower sash and humid, carbon-dioxide-rich air to be expelled above the upper sash, possibly containing virus-laden particles or aerosols. Perhaps some of the sash windows we still have today helped keep earlier generations healthy during the numerous influenza epidemics that hit the country in the eighteenth century. Another incentive to retain the simple but elegant sash window for future generations is its health benefits.

Get The Best Deals On Sash Windows


Kings Stag manufactures and installs bespoke sash windows that are handcrafted and hand-painted in our workshop. This ensures you have full control over everything from the design of your windows to the exact color of your paint. We’ll design the ideal windows for your house, enhancing its appearance, insulation, and soundproofing.

Our Sash windows are made up of movable plates, also known as sashes, kept in place by a frame. A single pair of sashes may be present in each frame, or multiple sashes may be present in a single frame. They can be modified to suit your needs and can be used in several frameworks.

Our windows are solid and sturdy, but we are always happy to accommodate you if you prefer a different wood style.

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