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Best Entrance Door Service

One of Kings Stags’ specialties is timber entrance doors. We produce durable and safe entrance doors to suit your design specifications, following a standard design that you may have seen or manufactured to sketches you may wish to supply. We are known for our made-to-measure solid oak main entrance doors. The design possibilities are endless when using our 58mm thick reinforced, thermally efficient timber door slabs as the foundation for a sleek, modern, and ultimately safe door.


Entrance Doors For Your Home


We’re more than just a source for stunning, custom-quality doors for your home at Kings Stags. Here you’ll find the motivation you need to revamp your front door. We can help you make a grand entrance with one of our many types of high-quality entry doors or a custom door to suit your specific needs.


Showing your exterior some love, whether it’s a simple embellishment or an architectural facelift, will completely change how you feel about your home. You’ll discover your exterior theme and bring your idea to life with Kings Stags.

Our Factory finished contemporary Grey External front entry Doorsets are becoming increasingly familiar with this breadth to the range. Even so, the slogan “any color, any material, any style” provides you, the consumer, with the ideal solution.

Doors With Many Options


Our safe timber entry doors can be modified to fit those more demanding openings in height and width, with sidelight options and offset pairs available in all materials, designs, and colors, whether Oak, hardwood, or softwood. All of our entry doors come standard with high-performance, double or triple-glazed windows with laminated glass and high-security multipoint locking to provide the security you need for your home. They are prehung and checked in the Factory to make installation on site as easy as possible.

Building Regulations were defined by you or your architect for all of our door sets.


Enhance Your Home Look


Our doors will improve the look, protection, and energy efficiency of any home, and there are more design and color options than you can imagine.

Our front doors come in various wood grain looks and smooth paint finishes, and they’re all stable, durable, and beautiful. We have something for every taste and budget with our breath-taking collection of panel designs, glass inserts, and side-lite models.

Kings Stags also offers a variety of composite front and back door options for those projects where expense, maintenance, and durability are important considerations. We supply large construction projects in bulk orders and more discerning customers who value unique looks, high performance, and a contemporary feel.


Useful And Sustainable


The entrance doors from Kings Stags are attractive, durable, and energy-efficient. You can choose from wood-grained doors with a factory-finished stain or smooth painted doors, which are both beautiful and durable. Our doors come in a range of revolutionary styles, ranging from full-glass doors to oval-glass options for a more streamlined look. You can genuinely custom design your doors and build the perfect solution for your home with a wide range of door configurations, techniques, and choices.

It’s no secret that a new entrance door from Kings Stags will raise the curb appeal and even the value of your house. With so many colors and architectural designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a mix that appeals to you, and an appealing front door boosts a home’s resale value.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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