Aluminium French Doors

Aluminium French Doors of the highest quality

Kings Stag’s aluminium French doors are a cost-effective, modern, and safe patio door choice for your home. As a convenient door to your garden and your dining room or living room, this door is ideal. Every one of our aluminium French doors has the option of opening in or out, as well as a low threshold for barrier-free entry. Choose from the industry’s best aluminium french doors, the Kings Stag.


Our latest-generation French Doors are expertly made from premium-grade insulated aluminium and make an excellent addition to any home. Aluminium doors have slim aluminium frames, larger door sizes, and a wide range of colour options, to name a few.

A variety of sculptured profiles and a flat modern section provide a completely different look than traditional wood or PVCu doors. As a result, your patio doors would be slimmer, heavier, and more colourful.

Best of all, our doors look great in every house, whether it’s a traditional cottage or a modern home. Even better, they’ll design a budget-friendly door for your new addition. Choose from a variety of options.

  • Open inside or outside
  • Single or double doors are available.
  • French doors with side screens that fit
  • Pairing French doors with windows

With precision construction and endless personalization options, Kings Stag Aluminium French Doors are ideal for replacing old doors or as part of a new extension.

Our extensive product selection includes windows and bi-folding doors, allowing you to get a full home solution from a single renowned British company. Our aluminium French doors have colour-matched gaskets, an 8-point locking mechanism, premium-grade aluminium, and various woodgrain colours. They also match the aesthetics of the most famous bifold, allowing you to have a consistent look in your home. You can also set them up as garage doors.


Yeovil’s Best French Doors

Aluminium French doors are ideal for the side or back of your home and use as part of a new porch. Choose a door for its wide range of frame profiles, attractive picture frame detail, and excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Aluminium French doors are also available with matching side panels and top lights, resulting in impressive glass screens that look fantastic both inside and outside the home in Yeovil.

Aluminium French Doors from King Stag

The tried-and-true Kings Stag aluminium door suite produces slimline doors in a wide range of colours, including wood-effect aluminium finishes. They also work with the rest of our Smart Systems aluminium window line.

However, the additional steel look at French doors in old metal doors is another best feature of Aluminium French doors. With conventional lock designs, astragal doors, and slimline frames, there is no better steel look door in aluminium.


The Benefits and Features of Kings Stag French Doors

The security of your home comes first, and any door you choose must also secure the back of your house. Furthermore, with many gardens being private, you want peace of mind. As a result, with appropriate glass and hardware upgrades, our aluminium French doors provide certified protection. Multi-point locks, high-security door cylinders, and toughened or laminated glass are all included as standard.

Every door is equipped with weather-resistant seals and gaskets all over, even at the threshold. Low thresholds provide adequate weather insurance while allowing for less weathering than a complete rebate.

Adding functionality to an existing window opening for a door is another great feature. When required, Frech doors double as windows and as a door in the summer. Perfect for friends and family to enter and exit your home where there was previously a window.

More glass, thinner doors, and more light mean slimmer frames. As a result, a set of French doors is particularly appealing in smaller spaces, as they make them appear and feel more spacious.

Finally, why not install aluminium French doors on the interior of your home? An excellent product, particularly in the latest steel look style, which is currently very popular. With our steel-look doors, you can choose between a low threshold or none at all!

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