Aluminium Bi-folding Door

Aluminium Bi-folding Door of the Highest Quality

Aluminium is a metal used to Bi-fold doors, also known as bi-folding doors, sliding dividers, or folding doors, are sliding doors with panels that fold up and stack neatly against the wall or each other, similar to an accordion or concertina. Bi-fold doors are commonly used to link rooms to an outdoor space, making them popular patio or conservatory door options. For you, Kings Stag manufactures the best aluminium door.


Our aluminium bifold doors are made from slim 60mm thermally split profiles, allowing us to achieve full glass widths with the fewest number of panels possible. Since no additional mullions are necessary between the panels to widen the sightlines, the aluminium width from the edge of the glass to the edge of the glass is only 132mm when panels are folding sliding in the same direction.

There are a variety of ranges to pick from.

Our aluminium folding doors are made from specially built profiles by Smart Systems, one of the UK’s leading architectural aluminium system suppliers.

Our Aluminium doors are especially well-known for their ease of use and long-term dependability. Our doors also have a dual roller mechanism at the bottom, with rollers guiding the panel tops for fast operation and smooth running. Since the doors are bottom rolling and not hanging from the top, no heavy-weight lintels are needed.

Original door panels can be up to 1 metre tall, allowing natural light to enter the space using minimal aluminium profiles.

Trickle Ventilation with Full Integration

To meet building code specifications, most bifold door installations would require trickle vents. Our one-of-a-kind and exclusive frame extender are designed to provide integrated trickle ventilation to your new aluminium folding door, eliminating the need for unsightly face-fixed trickle vents. The profile attached to the top of the door frame hides the trickle vents and includes a weather bar for added weather protection.

Bifold doors in standard sizes

We sell a standard size range of our aluminium bi-folding doors in addition to a complete made to measure service, which will save you up to 10% on our made to measure costs. Although the doors are standard sizes, they are still built to order, so they are ideal for new build openings to design the aperture to fit a standard size door. You can still choose the handle finish and door style since the doors are still made to order, even though they are standard sizes.


Get the outside in!

Bring the WOW factor to your home by blending your patio and garden with your new living space to create a visually beautiful addition.

Our aluminium bi-folding doors can be built with a flush threshold opening into your patio or courtyard to create a completely integrated door solution that truly brings the outside in.


Option with a Low Threshold

Kings Stag has a choice of low or weathered thresholds, as well as solid, robust profiles. By sinking the threshold into the floor and combining the two-floor areas into one, the non-weathered low threshold allows you to build flush floor levels for two living spaces. Internal doors between the main house and the conservatory, or, as seen here, between the kitchen and the outside decking, are especially useful.


Any RAL colour is available for bi-folding doors.

Kings Stag folding sliding doors are made of thermally split aluminium profiles and come in various RAL powder paint finishes. They can also be ordered with a dual paint colour finish, allowing you to choose between an exterior and an interior colour.

We have a standard colour range on our fast-track delivery service for your best aluminium bi-folding door.

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