Aluminium Sliding Doors - Why Do You Need One

Aluminium sliding doors – Why Do You Need One?

Aluminium sliding doors are arguably the best option for small and large homeowners alike. Because of how versatile aluminium is as a material, you naturally get a lot of great options and benefits with aluminium sliding doors. The benefits range from a collection of daily-life and efficiency improvements to overall space saving advantages.

Aluminium sliding doors offer a lot in terms of usability and livability. Here are a few reasons why you should certainly consider one.


Aluminium sliding doors are highly durable and hold up to the test of time really well. Since aluminium as a metal does not rust or react to the elements a lot, the door frame is more durable by nature especially when compared to frame that have a more ferrous composition. Also, the use of tempered glass is quite standardized across the industry with more bespoke options for different types of glass with higher shatter-proof capabilities available as well.

In general, aluminium sliding doors have more strength in comparison to other options like uPVC and wood whilst also being better at deterring the elements unlike iron frames.

Easy to Live With

Because of how durable aluminium doors are, they are quite easy to live with as well. Thanks to the sheer inertness of this metal, you are relieved of the constant check-up and greasing and application of protective coatings- things which are a must with iron doors. Also, if you live in an area with a predominantly rainy climate, aluminium sliding doors might as well be your only option. Large amounts of water not only accelerate rusting in iron frames, they also help wooden frames rot and catch bugs. Aluminium sliding doors keep you guarded from costly rusting and rooting problems.

In terms of daily care, all you need to do is the obvious cleaning everyone must do and simple twice-a-year slight oil applications to the rails. You apply the oil just to make sure that the doors keep feeling smooth to operate and that they don’t catch on debris and then get stuck or crack.


Although this might sound counterintuitive as the frame is metal, aluminium doors are great at keeping the heat in during winters and out during summers. The glass in itself helps keep the heat where it belongs, outside or inside, and does so really efficiently. And further insulating properties come from the frame. Aluminium door frames are built like a sandwich (in simple terms, obviously) and have a layer of air inside. This gives them excellent insulating capabilities and helps you save a lot in climate control bills.

Gigantic Sizes

Aluminium sliding doors are available in some unusually big sizes. The lightness of aluminium affords manufacturers more freedom as shipping an unusually large door doesn’t hurt their logistics much. This particular trait makes a lot of people really happy as now they can get the giant openings, they always wanted without fail.

For people who have issues with claustrophobia or want more natural light, aluminium sliding doors are the perfect option. You can buy some truly humongous doors which will let plenty of light into your home and help you get the airy and open feel you want.

Save Space

Space saving capabilities of an aluminium sliding door is practically unmatchable. With any other type of door, be it bifold or French, you need to worry about the opening radius of the door panels. This chews up valuable space and pushes your whole entire room back at least a few feet for even the smallest doors. Sliding doors panels slide over each other and by nature don’t need any more than a few inches of floor space- they need these couple of inches to accommodate the rails.

The large amounts of space you save make sliding doors perfect if you are space conscious and want to maximize usability of a room or have a limited amount of space and realty just don’t need any excess obtrusions.


Aluminium sliding doors offer a unique package that delivers a trio of daily life, longevity and space saving advantages. They are practical as they help you live worry free and there is a lot of room for customization which directly equates to a better purchasing experience and higher post-purchase satisfaction with zero buyer’s remorse. 

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