Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors: Why do you need one?

Having a great big opening that looks out to your garden or yard has quickly become a staple. Even apartments hung multiple storeys up in the air now have gaping outward facing areas looking out into the world. And all this was facilitated by aluminium bifold doors. Aluminium bifold doors are large and inheritably versatile doors that are not only up-to-date, that are also tremendously useful and can completely transform a living space. 

The Key Feature 

The main feature of large aluminium bifold doors is obviously their size. Custom made doors can range anywhere from 1.8 to 5 meters, with some people going as far as having a whole entire wall be made completely into a door. 

The benefits of such gargantuan size are felt indoors as aluminium bifold doors are able to replicate the sense of outdoors unlike any. Large doors fitted with huge glass panels bring in lots of light and lift up the spirit of a room. The feeling of being doused in warm and comfy, bright golden sunlight is truly priceless. If your house feels stuffed and claustrophobic, you need to get an aluminium bifold door installed as that would totally change the atmosphere and give up a better environment to live in. 

Furthermore, you can choose to really connect to the outdoors when you choose to. Because of the ‘bifold’ folding technique, aluminium bifold doors do the best job of getting out of your way and giving you unobstructed access to your yard or garden. Aluminium bifold, unlike French doors do not need any posts, or support in the middle of it to hold the panels and act as the pivot. Aluminium bifold doors also do not obstruct half your way like slide-over doors. Each individual panel fold over each other into a nice compact block that gets pushed completely to a side. This allows you to open a whole entire wall worth of door and gives you unimpeded access and connection to the outdoors when you want it. 

There are more practical benefits to having an aluminium bifold door too. Because of the large amounts of light these doors allow to enter the house, you can save of electricity by not having lights on for most of the day in some of the largest parts of the house: the living areas. Also, linking back to how these doors can help improve a claustrophobic room, having lots of light come in can help increase the perceived size of a room. One of the biggest reasons we see a place as small, dark and stuffed is because of poor lighting. A lack of light can make even the biggest room in the world feel pitiful to be in. By installing aluminium bifold doors and allowing more light in, you can instantly make any room feel more spacious and have a larger apparent size too our eyes. 


Aluminium bifold doors are the safest amongst the main competing style of doors in this segment. Unlike sliding doors which often have barely adequate latching mechanisms or French doors which have limited number of contact points, you can have your aluminium bifold doors be fitted with latches on every single panel, greatly increasing strength and thus the safety. With bifold doors, there are options for you to have the option to get locking pins for your doors which when installed will straight up not allow a panel to be turned or opened. This high level of restriction will most certainly help in case of attempted break ins as people wouldn’t even be able to figure out why the door isn’t budging, let alone break in. 


Aluminium bifold doors can last for decades with little maintenance. Aluminium frames are sturdier than uPVC frames and just as inert to the elements. Aluminium, as we know, does not rust like iron and will not rot away like wood. These doors can last many decades with only a bit of regular washing and wiping. Just be sure to keep the rails- over which the panels slide over- free of debris. Debris getting stuck inside the rails is basically death for any type of door or windows with a sliding action. 


One of the biggest downfalls of any nicer outward looking door is its price. Aluminum bifold doors are one of the costlier solutions out there. However, the value these doors add to your house out-weighs the cost easily. Aluminium bifold doors are currently the trend. These doors are what people deem cool and as something they want. Because of this thinking, having aluminium doors is already a massive plus. Combined with this, the daily life improvements like electricity savings, a more spacious and open area and just the sheer ease there is in living with these doors make these a brilliant value add for your house. 


Aluminium bifold doors are a great addition to your house. These doors improve life whilst adding value to your house and also being easy to live with on a daily basis. Keys reasons like these are why you need an aluminium bifold door. 

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